Event Guidelines Clarifications on Food & Beverage

Pre packed Food (to go)

The most consistent question regarding the Event & Meeting Guidelines released on September 8th has been pertaining to food and beverage during events.  We now have some clarification on those guidelines as well as a revision for student organizations.  Originally, student organizations were NOT allowed to have food during events, they could  only provide "grab-and-go" options on the way out of the event or meeting. Revisions to the guidelines related to food and beverage are as follows:

The guideline states: 

  • Foodservice is discouraged and is only permitted in a “grab-and-go” format with pre-packaged, disposable utensils, and adequate social distancing between individuals when they are eating. Face coverings may be removed only while food is being consumed and must then be replaced. (Check with the venue regarding food service as each venue has it's own specific guidelines)

Currently, food consumption is not permitted inside ASU event facilities. 

Revision to the guideline:

For outdoor events that follow all other safety protocols, food may be consumed during an event with the following protocols strictly enforced:

  • Attendees must be spaced 6 feet or more from each other.
  • Food and beverage must be pre-packaged, single-serving with single-use utensils in a "grab-and-go" style.
  • Attendees may remove their mask while actively eating or drinking (this does not include snacking).
  • Staff is expected to enforce all protocols throughout the event. 

When it comes to the food and beverage options, rely on our trusted partners at ASU to provide you with safe and creative options.  The days of ordering multiple pizzas for everyone to share at events may be a distant thought, but our current food providers have come up with some amazing options.