Fall 2021 Updated In-Person Event Guidelines

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There are updates to the Event and Meeting Guidelines for Fall 2021 that are effective immediately.  The updates are summarized here, but for more information, please visit the Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings page

Dean or VP Notifications 
  • This section has been added to the Special Event Registry and is required for any meeting or event with 250+ attendees. You will need to know the Dean / VP or Designee that will be responsible for reviewing events for your unit and provide their name and email address when prompted.  You no longer need to upload their pre-approval, they will receive a copy of what you submit to the registry and will contact you directly if they deem necessary. 
  • Events with 1,000+ attendees require Dean or VP notification, but for events between 250-1000 attendees, the Dean or VP can designate someone else to notify if needed.
  • If you are unsure of who your Dean, VP, or Designee is please consult your supervisor before completing the registry form
Special Event Registry 
  • Throughout the pandemic, the Special Event Registry became a valuable tool of communication and database for university leadership to evaluate the needs of the community and determine next steps.  We will continue to submit most events and meetings through the Special Event Registry but there will not be an additional review and approval process as was implemented during the pandemic.  See the guidelines webpage for a list of criteria for both when to submit and also the few exceptions.  
  • The "Safety Plan" tab which required detailed descriptions of safety protocols is no longer required. 
  • Safety teams will be conducting reviews for the general safety of your event and issuing permits, and the appropriate departments will continue to be notified of parking needs, dignitary visits, etc., and reach out to you if they require more information.
  • Over the past year, you have received a notification through the registry of the review/approval status of your event.  These approvals will not continue to be posted.  You will receive a notification if your event requires an additional review Completing the registry form will be sufficient for venue managers to confirm reservations and for safety teams to contact you if permits are required.

** Note - If you have already submitted an event to the Special Event Registry for fall 2021 and received a notice about delayed reviews you will receive an updated notification within the next few weeks.  

Food and Beverage
  • Although the restrictions have been lifted on food and beverage service, please be mindful of the lessons we have learned and maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment to try to prevent disease (any disease) from spreading.  Our on campus catering partners have their own practices to maintain safety please check with them directly for options. 
Physical Distancing and Face Coverings
  • Venues are now back to 100% capacity, however, be mindful of maxing out capacities.  It would be wise to plan for a slightly larger space than needed to provide a level of comfort for your attendees as we all migrate back to gathering in groups.  Check with each venue as they may have specific requirements for their location.
  • Face coverings are strongly recommended regardless of vaccination inside all university buildings.  They are also strongly recommended outdoors in crowded areas, this is subjective, use your best judgment.   Clearly communicate with attendees, refer them to the university community of care guidelines, and support freedom of choice.  Visit the OUEP Guidelines page for sample communication texts under the resources area.
Student Organizations
  • Over the last few semesters, Student Organizations have had to learn a few new processes and follow additional guidelines.  The majority of the additional restrictions have been lifted but a few of the new procedures proved valuable and will continue.  Submitting events and meetings into the Special Event Registry is still required but for regular meetings, the form isn't as lengthy - Simply fill out the first two tabs "Event Info" and "Contact Info" and then skip to the last tab "Supporting Docs & Signature" to sign and you are done.
  • The requirements of when Advisors are required to be onsite have also been updated to include the events or meetings that meet any of the following criteria:
    • Open to the general public.
    • The event or meeting involves potential security issues such as hazardous activities, equipment rentals, or large crowds.
    • The media will be present.
    • VIPs, elected officials, donors, anyone who travels with a security detail, or dignitaries will be invited to the event.

If you have any questions regarding the new guidelines please contact us at University Events & Protocol Contact Us