How do you Zoom?

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this interesting article titled “How do you Zoom? Why turning on the camera is important during business meetings.” It discusses why it’s important for your video to be on during business meetings and I wanted to share this information with you. Let's be honest... we've all been there – joining a meeting with our video off and just having our photo in the Zoom square.  

Here’s a challenge for all of the "non-video Zoom-ers" reading this: turn your video ON during two meetings this week AND use a fun virtual background (if you are feeling a little uneasy about your space). Zoom backgrounds are a great conversation starter and can easily help break the ice. After the week is over, make a few observations about how you felt about being on camera. Maybe you felt more engaged during the meeting. Maybe you felt more connected with your colleagues. Maybe you felt uncomfortable or awkward, and that’s okay, too.

While we are on the topic of backgrounds, here's a blog post from our friends at Endless Events talking about "Virtual Speaker Gear: The Backdrop Edit!" As event professionals navigating the virtual event world, we are (or should be) concerned with how our guest speakers appear in their square onscreen. Check out the blog to get some interesting insights on how to make backgrounds interesting and possibly more professional.

Finally, where do you stand on the topic of using a green screen versus a background? A few pros and cons are listed here.

Virtual meetings and events are not going away any time soon. We are soon reaching the one-year marker of doing “virtual” and now just might be the time to try some new things.