New Year Reminders from OUEP

Where did January go? The month flew by! 

To kick-off our blog for 2021, here are a few reminders (and a bit of new information) of how the Office of University Events & Protocol can help when you are planning events on-campus. 

For starters, the guidelines for in-person meetings and events haven't changed. Rest assured that if the guidelines do change, we will let you know!

This brings us to our next topic...the Special Event Registry. All in-person or hybrid events/meetings need to be entered into the Special Event Registry. This was new in 2020 and will continue through 2021 and maybe beyond...

Take a look at this webinar we did in the Fall, which talks about the event review process and the new enhancements that were made to the Event Registry in 2020.  

And now....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! New for 2021 is Office Hours with Your Friends, Brittany and Teri from the Office of University Events & Protocol. We thought it might be helpful to offer office hours once a week, alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting February 16th. During office hour sessions, we are happy to meet with you via Zoom and talk through any upcoming events that you are planning. We can also help walk you through how to complete the Event Registry and answer any questions you might have. This will make it easier on you during the review process. Office hours will start Tuesday, February 16th from 10 am-Noon and then the following week on Wednesday, February 24th from 1-3 pm.  Please email to schedule your session with us, we are here to help!

Our webinars page will be updated shortly with what we have planned from February until June. As always, if you have something in mind that you think would be helpful for us to do a presentation on, send it our way. We can plan for what we think you want to hear about but we'd love to hear from you directly. Feel free to email Brittany Sourjohn at or send a message on Slack.