Register for the Virtual Protocol Workshop - Part 2

Chris Young, protocol officer

On June 23, MECA hosted the virtual Protocol Workshop – Part 1 with Chris Young. Chris is a globally recognized subject-matter expert in leadership and organizational dynamics, international protocol, cross-cultural literacy and negotiations and we were lucky enough to hear him speak about virtual meetings/events etiquette and protocol.

 There were a couple of resources shared by Chris and by some participants in the chat during the workshop and we wanted to share those with you:

Doodle Poll: Chris suggested polling your audience to determine the best time to hold your virtual meeting or event.

Mentimeter: Chris suggested using a program such as Mentimeter to create engagement and interaction with your attendees during a virtual event. This allows you to quiz, poll, do Q&A and more all in real time.

Running Engaging Online Events: An attendee shared this ebook as a helpful resource on how to turn your in-person event into a virtual event and how to create engagement along the way. This ebook is specific to Zoom and provides practical tips and information.

Zoom Accessibility: An attendee shared this link to Zoom’s accessibility FAQ page. Learn how to make your meeting or event accessible to all audiences.

Remote and Work from Home Video Production Tips: An attendee shared this webinar that discusses how to look great on a webcam and how to make a video from home. Tips include how to collaborate remotely, what equipment you need at home and how to look good on camera.


Please register for Part 2 (July 14) and save the date for Part 3 (August 4) of the virtual protocol series with Chris Young where he will discuss protocol for in-person events.