Spring 2022 Updated In-Person Event Guidelines

A globe wearing a mask, held up by 2 hands, one wearing a blue glove and the other wearing a pink glove.

Effective immediately, there are updates to the event and meeting guidelines for the winter/spring months.  The changes are summarized here, but for more information, please visit the Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings page.  These changes apply to all ASU-affiliated events, including those that occur off-campus.

Due to the rise in COVID cases, the following precautions have been implemented to keep our ASU community safe.

1. Events should be planned outdoors with masks if possible.

     What this means:  In our current climate, outdoor events are recommended.  If you are able to move your event outdoors please do so.  Especially if there is food involved.

2.  All event attendees are required to wear face coverings.

     What this means:  Indoor events -  all event attendees, including staff, volunteers, faculty, students, etc, are required to wear face coverings when not actively eating or drinking.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.  Face coverings are recommended outdoors if safe distancing is not an option. 

3.  All event organizers must notify attendees that it is recommended they have a negative COVID test prior to attending the event.

     What this means:  All event organizers must send out a notification to attendees recommending they have a negative COVID test before attending an event.  The enforcement of this recommendation is up to the discretion of the event organizer.  Sample communication text can be found on the Guidelines page under Resources. 

4.  If providing food, event organizers must ensure attendees can be distanced 6 feet apart OR provide “grab-n-go” food for consumption away from the event.

     What this means:  Since masks are not worn when eating/drinking, that is when the virus is most likely to be spread.  To help minimize that risk, social distancing while eating/drinking will be required.  If that is not an option, please plan on providing “grab-n-go” options for attendees to enjoy away from the event.  This is less restrictive than before, this can be a to-go box to be consumed elsewhere where distancing can be accomplished. It is not required to have all “pre-packaged” food as in the past. 

5.  The three new guidelines will culminate in an automatic review process for ALL events.

     What this means:  Only the events that abide by the new guidelines will be approved.  If any event seeks an exception to these guidelines they will be placed under review and require executive approval to move forward. Events are subject to review as they are submitted to the Special Event Registry.  These updated guidelines will be included in the event submission process.  

6.  Events with the General Public in attendance will require a review. 

     What this means:  In-Person audience type has been reinstated on the Special Event Registry.  If the audience includes the General Public or ASU Alumni (any attendees that are NOT ASU faculty, staff, students) will be subject to review.  Guest Speakers/Presenters and Advisors will not prompt a review if they are the only “non-ASU” attendee.

Thank you for your support as we implement these new guidelines.  As campus returns to full operations out of winter break, we all must do our part to help limit the spread of COVID.  These new guidelines have been put in place at the direction of safety officials to help minimize the risk associated with events.  We appreciate your understanding and support as we work through these for the new semester!