Updated Event & Meeting Guidelines for Summer


Effective June 1, 2021, there are updates to the event and meeting guidelines for the summer months.  The changes are summarized here, but for more information, please visit the Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings page

1. The description of an event/meeting has been updated to include in-person gatherings that take place on ASU property, relate to university business, or are paid for in whole or in part using university funds ("events").

     What this means: This applies to almost everything you are planning as the word  “gathering” has replaced the words event/meeting. So, if there is a group of people together for any reason, these rules apply.  If you bring together a group to do anything related to ASU you need to follow these guidelines and enter the gathering into the Special Event Registry.  Off-campus events, which have been a hot topic over the last few months, also fall under these updated regulations.

2.  All approvals are based on the information available at the time approval is sought and are required to adapt as needed should circumstances on campus and surrounding areas change. 

     What this means: Nothing is etched in stone here, things can change.  Everything changed once and there is a possibility it could happen again. The future is unpredictable and we need to remain flexible and ready to pivot at any time. 

3.  The mandate for face coverings has been updated if you have been vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask when you are outdoors unless it is a crowded area. 

     What this means:   Fog-free sunglasses for those who are vaccinated. Thankfully we won't have to brave another summer and fall melting under face coverings outdoors.  If you have been fully vaccinated, the university will not require face coverings in outdoor spaces on ASU campuses. Face covers are still advisable in crowded outdoor areas and venues and everyone is still required to wear a face-covering while inside ASU buildings. #ForksUpSleevesUp

4.  The description for large in-person events has been revised from over 50 to over 250 people. The approvals needed and review criteria have adjusted along with it. 

     What this means:  ALL gatherings are still required to be submitted through the Special Event Registry. However, if you keep your events at 249 people or less, with only ASU attendees,  you won’t need an additional review before you get to the safety teams for permits.  

  • 0-50 size group does not require high-level approval.   

    • At least 10 days before the event enter into the registry

  • 50 - 249 size groups require approval from the Dean/VP (or their designee), but will not require cross-functional event review or leadership approval.

    • Please try to get these in as close to 30 days as possible - no less than 10 days 

  • 250+ groups will require cross-functional event review, approval from the Dean/VP (not designee), AND Executive Leadership approval. 

    • This is the one you REALLY want to turn in 30 days ahead of time

The volume of entries in the fall will be much higher and you will run the risk of not receiving approval in time for your gathering if you do not submit 30 days or more prior to the event for groups over 250. Please keep in mind that the fall semester will be busy and we will not be able to approve events without enough notice.   You won't be able to say I didn't warn you. 

5.  Food and beverage service during the event requires review through the Special Event Registry. Submission of the plan for maintaining social distance while being served and consumed will be required.  Food and beverage service must follow current EHS Guidelines and Protocols.  

    What this means:  We can feed the people. No, buffets are not allowed yet.  Neither are family-style meals with shared serving platters (this sometimes looks like a pizza box) or utensils (also sometimes resembling human hands). Foodservice still has to be handled by the professionals and given to each individual person, however, we can consume it in the same area as long as we are adequately spaced apart. 

6.  Serving alcohol at an event requires review and includes the submission of a plan for maintaining social distance while alcohol is being served and consumed.

     What this means: The temporary ban on adults drinking adult beverages at group functions has been lifted.  Student organizations still have the same rules in the handbook to abide by and just as Staff/Faculty produced events still need approvals and permits.  But it will be nice to toast retirees with more than just apple juice again. 

7.  Community members and Alumni (non-ASU attendees) are subject to review through the Special Event Registry.  ** This is another one you want to submit 30 days or earlier (see #4 above) 

      What this means: Nothing new here, just a reminder.  If you have attendees that do not fill out the daily health check, have not committed to the ASU Commitment of Care, and are not subject to our testing, then they are considered “non-ASU”.  As such, the events that they attend will need to go through the cross-functional review process and will require leadership approval to move forward.    

Fall 2021 Events 

Revised guidelines will be released for fall events toward the end of summer.  Until then, feel free to enter your events into the Special Event Registry.  They will not be reviewed until after the new guidance is released, but it will give you a little jump start.