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ASU Field Trip Process and Procedures


Required field trips occur when students enrolled in an ASU course are required to meet at a location to complete coursework for course/degree credit and in the event a student cannot participate, an alternative for credit will be provided. A faculty member is present and is in the direction and control of the students while on a field trip.

This process does NOT apply to Field Research. 

Optional trips occur when ASU faculty may not be present, students have the option to attend a trip or they may attend the field trip site in a manner and time that fits their schedule and the student’s grade is not affected by their decision not to attend.


All field trips whether optional or required must be reviewed by Risk Management Services. Field Trip Destination & Safety Plan Form must be submitted 14 days prior to Field Trip.

Faculty members must:

1. Complete and submit the Field Trip Destination & Safety Plan Form with the following attachments:

      • Field trip itinerary
      • Class roster
      • Completed Indemnity Waiver Form (required for all students and non-ASU community members attending the field trip)
      • Dean Approval

2. All documentation and approvals must be submitted to Insuranceservices@asu.edu

Once all documentation is submitted:

      • Risk Management will review and get back to you with questions.
      • Risk Management will notify the organizer of review status.

3. Register the trip in Concur or MYASU Trip if: 

      • The trip involves an overnight stay
      • The trip includes airfare
      • Include the field trip documents and approval with your trip request


Required Field Trips

ASU-owned vehicles or chartered buses should be used for transportation for a field trip whenever possible. Students are also able to drive their own personal vehicles but Faculty must not arrange carpools.

Optional Trips

If a field trip is optional and the students are permitted to arrive and leave within a timeframe the fits their schedule and ASU is not in the care, custody, or control of the students, then ASU should not organize carpools for students. It is ok for ASU to provide a bus or other transportation for optional field trips. Risk Management Services suggests using an approved bus vendor as we have their insurance on file. The key is that the faculty members are not organizing carpooling for optional field trips.

Renting Vehicles

If a department must rent a vehicle for official ASU business, departments must:

  1. Use an ASU or State of Arizona rental contract (where available).
  2. Ensure the rental agreement includes the ASU or State contract number and states “Vehicle is being used for official ASU Business.”
  3. Take front, back, and side pictures of the vehicle at both pickup and drop off.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the ASU claims process in the event of an accident or damage to the rental vehicle.
  5. Keep ASU’s Auto Liability COI in the rental car in case of an accident.
  6. In any event where the rental vehicle is damaged submit an auto claim.

Insurance for U.S. rentals

Vehicles rented and driven within the U.S. border, used for official ASU business, and rented under an ASU or State contract are covered by the State of Arizona’s auto liability coverage and departments do not need to purchase the additional insurance offered by the rental car company. If an ASU or State contract is not used and the vehicle is damaged, the rental car company will need to submit a Notice of Claim directly to ABOR. Department needs to submit a vehicle loss report, the rental agreement, and the rental car companies information to insuranceservices@asu.edu.

Insurance for International rentals

ASU or State rental contracts are not available for international car rentals.

Departments must confirm with the rental company that full coverage insurance is included in their rental rates. If insurance coverage is not included, the departments must purchase the full coverage insurance offered by the rental car company.

If the country you are traveling to requires that you purchase local rental car insurance, then you must purchase the additional insurance. If you do not purchase the required insurance and the vehicle is damaged you run the risk of having your travel card or a personal credit card charged for the full amount of damages.

If the country to you are traveling to does not require you to purchase additional coverage, and you are traveling on official ASU business, in the event, the vehicle is damaged, the State provides contingent auto liability coverage that should respond if there is no local coverage in place.

Mexico Insurance

Renting a vehicle to travel to Mexico

ASU or State rental contracts are not available for Mexico car rentals. Departments must purchase additional full coverage insurance through the rental car company. Mexico has stringent insurance requirements and the ASU department must carry evidence of the Mexican insurance card in the vehicles during their travels and must follow the Mexico Claim Reporting Requirement in case the State of AZ liability coverage needs to be activated due to a claim.

Mexico Claim Reporting Requirements

Using a personal vehicle to travel to Mexico

Risk Management Services strongly advises against using personal vehicles to travel to Mexico as personal vehicles are not covered under ASU’s insurance on a primary basis. The State of Arizona only provides liability coverage on an excess basis and will not cover physical damage to a personal vehicle. If you choose to use your personal vehicle, you will need to reach out to your personal auto insurance carrier to obtain Mexico Auto Coverage to be compliant with local laws and you must familiarize yourself with what your insurer requires you to do in the event of a claim.

Insurance Coverage


Employees operating within the scope of their job duties are provided workers compensation. Coverage and claims issues should be directed to Human Resources Benefits.


Registered volunteers are provided insurance coverage, including liability for acts or omissions while serving in their authorized capacity in accordance with state law Arizona Revised Statutes § 41–621 et seq., Arizona Administrative Code R2–10–107(B). Volunteers are not provided Workers Compensation insurance. The State will provide a limited accident policy in excess over any primary insurance.


A student’s health insurance is primary in the event of injury on a registered required field trip. The State will provide a limited accident policy in excess over any primary insurance.

Third Party

The State does not provide insurance coverage for third parties. Third Parties or non-ASU community members should not participate in ASU field trips unless first reviewed by Risk Management Services. Please call Risk Management Services immediately if a third party will be participating in a field trip.

Personal Vehicles

The State does not provide physical damage coverage for personal vehicles. In the event a personal vehicle is used to conduct ASU business, the owner’s auto insurance will be primary. If you are an employee and were injured while driving a personal vehicle on ASU business, please submit a Workers Compensation Claim through Human Resources Benefits.


If ASU will be reimbursing anyone on the Field Trip be visit https://cfo.asu.edu/traveler-resources for more information.

Incident Reporting

In cases of injury or illness while on the Field Trip, familiarize yourself with ASU Incident Reporting site (https://cfo.asu.edu/incident-reporting). To report an incident electronically. https://cfo.asu.edu/webform/employee-and-non-employee-incident-report


Indemnity Waivers: https://ogc.asu.edu/forms/release

Reimbursement, Payment and Travel: https://cfo.asu.edu/myasutrip

Insurance & Claims: https://cfo.asu.edu/Insurance

Authorized Driver: https://cfo.asu.edu/authorized-driver-program

Volunteers: https://cfo.asu.edu/volunteer-insurance-services

Last updated: 8/19/2021

Download Field Trip Destination & Safety Plan Form