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Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings

Effective June 1, 2021 until further notice   

These guidelines describe ASU Community of Care protocols for any in-person gathering that takes place on ASU property, relates to university business, or is paid for in whole or part using university funds (“events”).

The guidelines are based on current public health recommendations, government policy, and Board and University policy, which are subject to change and which may result in modifications to these guidelines.

All approvals are based on the information available at the time approval is sought, including the public health situation and government policy in place at the time.  If those circumstances change, approval may be withdrawn or changed in the event plans may be required.

Events to which these guidelines do not apply:

The following events are not subject to these guidelines, but are subject to the direction of the relevant senior University executives:

  • Internal meetings attended by only ASU faculty or staff
  • Guests invited to speak at academic classes or internal meetings attended by only ASU faculty or staff*
  • Activities associated with a course or other academic instruction
  • Series of recitals in HIDA
  • Sun Devil Athletics team practices and competitions
  • Sun Devil Fitness and Wellness programming and activities

In addition, these guidelines do not prohibit spontaneous expressive activities or other constitutionally protected activity that takes place in public areas of campus. However, individuals participating in such activities are subject to university guidelines as well as ABOR Policy 1-124 and ASU SSM 802-01.

 * Guests are required to comply with face coverings, and social distancing if required by university guidelines The faculty member or department that invites the guest is responsible for ensuring that the guest is aware of and complies with these guidelines while on campus.

Guidelines for in-person events and meetings:

  • Each in-person event must have an identified organizer who is responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are followed.
    • The organizer must be physically present during the event.
  • Events must complete the Special Event Registry Form.
  • Virtual modes of participation are encouraged for all events and meetings. If in-person participation is permitted, virtual participation should be available to those who need or wish to participate virtually.
  • Face coverings must be worn if required by university guidelines.
  • Social distancing (6+ feet of physical distancing) should be maintained as much as possible, including when individuals are arriving for or leaving from an event.
  • Registration service or process must be used if any attendees from the general public (not students, faculty, or staff) are invited and is strongly recommended for all events.
  • The room or outdoor space reserved for the event should be of an appropriate size for the expected number of attendees. When the room or space is reserved, the organizer will be provided with the maximum approved capacity for that room or space. In no event shall a number of people in excess of the approved capacity of the room or space be permitted to attend in person. Virtual participation and back-up locations may be used to accommodate unexpectedly large numbers of participants.
  • Rooms and spaces should be reserved as early as possible and generally 30 days before the event. Room and space reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, and the requestor’s first choice of room/space, time, and date is not guaranteed.
  • Food & Beverage service during the event requires review through the Special Event Registry and submission of a plan for maintaining social distance while being served and consumed.
  • Food & Beverage service must follow current EHS Guidelines and Protocols
    • Buffet, food platter, and shared utensils are not permitted.
    • Food must be individually served (such as boxed or plated). Beverages must be in single serving containers (such as bottles or cans)
    • Adequate social distancing must be maintained while individuals are receiving and consuming food & beverage.
    • Check with the venue regarding food service as each venue has its own specific guidelines
    • Face coverings must be worn if required by university guidelines.
    • Serving alcohol at an event requires review and include the submission of a plan for maintaining social distance while alcohol is being served and consumed.
      Contact ASUEHS@exchange.asu.edu for other approved food and beverage service options
  • Prior to the event, the organizer must communicate with all attendees reminding them of the guidelines applicable to the event, including:
    • Face covering and social distancing requirements
    • The availability of virtual participation options for those who need or desire them
    • A reminder that attendees who do not feel well should stay home
    • A link to ASU’s COVID-19 information page (https://eoss.asu.edu/health/announcements/coronavirus)
  • During the event, the organizer must monitor compliance with these guidelines and correct any compliance issues.
  • Each event over 50 people requires approval by the Dean/VP or their designee.

Additional guidelines for large events and meetings:

  • Large in-person events (250 people or more) are subject to review and pre-approval which should be submitted through the Special Event Registry as soon as possible and no later than 30 days prior to the event. VP / Dean Approval is required (no designee).
  • Events including attendees that are Community Members (non-ASU) and/or Alumni require review and must include a plan for how safety protocols will be communicated to attendees and monitored during the event.

Additional guidelines for student organization events:

  • Either the primary or secondary advisor for a student organization must be present at all in-person events and is responsible, along with the event organizer, for being knowledgeable regarding the plan for the event and ensuring that the event adheres to these and other applicable guidelines. The advisor may serve as the event organizer, at the option of the student organization.
  • Student organizations may invite non-ASU affiliated guest speakers to events. Events with non-ASU affiliated guest speakers must also complete the Special Event registry process to provide information about their event. Invited guest speakers are required to comply with face coverings, and social distancing if required by university guidelines at all times while on campus.
  • Other than invited guest speakers, non-ASU affiliated guests are not permitted to attend student organization events in ASU venues in-person at this time. Non-ASU affiliated guests may participate virtually in student organization events that are held in ASU venues. Student organizations may sign up for Zoom accounts to host virtual participation.
  • Additional information regarding student organization events can be found at https://eoss.asu.edu/clubs/orgs/event-planning.

Enforcement of guidelines:

If an event or meeting does not conform to these guidelines, the University reserves the right to:

  • Deny or rescind the event organizer’s permission to use the venue, even if the event has already started.
  • Restrict the event organizer from reserving campus space in the future.
  • Pursue other disciplinary sanctions, including employment consequences, student code of conduct violations, and/or removal of recognition from a student organization.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or need clarification, please contact the ASU Cross-Functional Event team.