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There are updates to the Event and Meeting Guidelines for Fall 2021 that are effective immediately.  The updates are summarized here, but for more information, please visit the Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings page


Effective June 1, 2021, there are updates to the event and meeting guidelines for the summer months.  The changes are summarized here, but for more information, please visit the Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings page

1. The description of an event/meeting has been updated to include in-person gatherings that take place on ASU property, relate to university business, or are paid for in whole or in part using university funds ("events").

Brittany and I recently sat down with our favorite IT guru, Seth Levine, to pick his brain about some of the functions of Zoom and I thought I would share. I think you’ll find it interesting and helpful.

Here are some good vocabulary words before we get started:

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As announced by President Crow on March 29, spring commencement will be held in a virtual format and colleges will be hosting small, in-person celebrations for graduates. These celebrations are still required to adhere to ASU’s Guidelines for In-Person Events and Meetings. Here are some highlights to remember when planning these small gatherings:

  • No more than 50 people, including staff and faculty may be in attendance at a time.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this interesting article titled “How do you Zoom? Why turning on the camera is important during business meetings.” It discusses why it’s important for your video to be on during business meetings and I wanted to share this information with you. Let's be honest... we've all been there – joining a meeting with our video off and just having our photo in the Zoom square.  

Where did January go? The month flew by! 

To kick-off our blog for 2021, here are a few reminders (and a bit of new information) of how the Office of University Events & Protocol can help when you are planning events on-campus. 

For starters, the guidelines for in-person meetings and events haven't changed. Rest assured that if the guidelines do change, we will let you know!

Overwhelmed by virtual event platform options? So are we...

We have been doing our own virtual event platform research, Brittany came across a blog post that compares platforms! Check this out:

"What excited me just as much as finding the resource was that I can request a platform demo with just one-click. Done and done! " Brittany Sourjohn

Brittany Sourjohn and Teri Candelaria are back for Part 3 of Coffee Conversations with Your Friends. This is the final portion of this Coffee Conversations segment but more to come in the new year! Today they are discussing engagement, best practices and their thoughts on if virtual is here to stay.

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Back in early March, Tonya Gray, ASU Alumni Association Director, and her team started to discuss and plan the celebration for Sun Devil 100-Class of 2020. The event was going to look much like it had in past years or so they thought. By mid-March, it became very clear that the event would in fact look nothing like it had in the past due to COVID-19. As the team began to plan, there were SO MANY questions!

Pre packed Food (to go)

The most consistent question regarding the Event & Meeting Guidelines released on September 8th has been pertaining to food and beverage during events.  We now have some clarification on those guidelines as well as a revision for student organizations.  Originally, student organizations were NOT allowed to have food during events, they could  only provide "grab-and-go" options on the way out of the event or meeting. Revisions to the guidelines related to food and beverage are as follows:

The guideline states: